Thursday, 28 April 2011

Logo ideas-just type

I've used type only because I want us to just be simplistic to represent how we work and what we do, 
I've also experimented with four and fore in front of head as were still not sure

Existing companies' mission statements

A lot of mission statements I've looked at seem to base their mission statement on the same kind of things and services. I think we need to focus on the fact that we want to create close relationships with our customers in order to ensure they return and also mention our unique selling point.

Analysing the environment- PEST

Political, Economical, Social, Technological

Political Factors.

The political arena has a huge influence upon the regulation of businesses, and the spending power of consumers and other businesses. You must consider issues such as:
1.How stable is the political environment?
2.Will government policy influence laws that regulate or tax your business?
3.What is the government's position on marketing ethics?
4. What is the government's policy on the economy?
5. Does the government have a view on culture and religion?
6. Is the government involved in trading agreements such as EU, NAFTA, ASEAN, or others?

Economic Factors.

Marketers need to consider the state of a trading economy in the short and long-terms. This is especially true when planning for international marketing. You need to look at:
1. Interest rates.
2. The level of inflation Employment level per capita.
3. Long-term prospects for the economy Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita, and so on.

Sociocultural Factors.

The social and cultural influences on business vary from country to country. It is very important that such factors are considered. Factors include:
1.What is the dominant religion?
2.What are attitudes to foreign products and services?
3.Does language impact upon the diffusion of products onto markets?
4.How much time do consumers have for leisure?
5.What are the roles of men and women within society?
6.How long are the population living? Are the older generations wealthy?
7.Do the population have a strong/weak opinion on green issues?

Technological Factors.

Technology is vital for competitive advantage, and is a major driver of globalization. Consider the following points:
1. Does technology allow for products and services to be made more cheaply and to a better standard of quality?
2.Do the technologies offer consumers and businesses more innovative products and services such as Internet banking, new generation mobile telephones, etc?
3.How is distribution changed by new technologies e.g. books via the Internet, flight tickets, auctions, etc?
4.Does technology offer companies a new way to communicate with consumers e.g. banners, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), etc?

Legal status- Partnerships and limited liability partnership

Sole Trader

This tends to be the most popular and easiest way for a small business owner to start-up.
  • only one person runs and is legally responsible for the business
  • no formal registration process except to advise the Inland Revenue and DSS that you are self-employed
  • you trade in your own name for example, John Smith or with a trading name such as John Smith trading as My Business
  • you are taxed via the Self Assessment scheme. You pay tax twice a year in January and July based on business profits
  • book keeping is simple. You are only required to maintain a Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • quick and simple to get up and running
  • you keep all the profit after tax
  • you are personally liable for all the debts incurred
  • your personal assets are at risk and can be seized by creditors to settle debts

    Obviously this wouldn't be relevant to our company as there is four of us


This is the next most popular way of running a small business.
  • a minimum of 2 partners
  • a maximum of 20 partners
  • the partnership can operate as �Smith and Jones� or under a trading name such as �Smith and Jones trading as Our Business�. Where trading names are used, partner�s names have to be shown on all correspondence
  • no formal registration process but partners have to advise the Inland Revenue and DSS that they are self-employed. It is wise though to have a written partnership agreement which sets out the terms of the partnership, for example, split of profits, leave entitlement, notice period to dissolve, amount of capital put in by each partner. This can avoid painful disputes if things go wrong later on
  • the partnership has to keep more detailed financial records which include sales and purchase records, cash book, creditor and debtor details, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet
  • relatively quick and easy to start, even if you decide to complete a Partnership Agreement
  • if you are organised book-keeping can be simple
  • you share responsibility for business debts incurred with the other partners
  • you are personally liable for up to 100% of the partnership debts
  • your personal assets are at risk and can be seized by creditors to settle debts
  • if your partner(s) cannot met their liability you can be sued for the whole amount the partnership owes even if you only had 50% of the business. For example, just because there are 2 of you your liability is not limited to 50%. If your partner has no assets, creditors can pursue you for 100% of the debt
  • being a partner you will have to split the profits in line with the proportion set out in the Partnership Agreement or as verbally agreed

Limited Liability Partnership

A new form of business structure
  • introduced in 2001 and designed to operate like a partnership with the benefits of a Limited Company
  • set up via registration at Companies House and is seen as a corporate body
  • individual partner�s liability is limited to a figure agreed by each partner
  • personal assets are protected
  • taxed the same as a partnership i.e. each partner assessed individually
  • a fair amount of paperwork involved to set up

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Notes from our group meetings

Enterprise presentation- research

Brand identity

Brand Identity

Isn't it just a logo?

A brand identity represents your company's values, services, ideas and personality. A consistent and well-positioned brand can do your advertising, it can generate loyalty from your customers, and make you the envy of your competitors.
Isn't it just a logo?  Maybe that's how it starts out but it goes way beyond being ‘just a logo'. Sure, there can be a logo, a distinctive font and colour scheme, but it's how you choose them and pull them all together that sets you apart.
"A brand is a symbolic embodiment of all the information connected to the product and serves to create associations and expectations around it." Powerful stuff. But then again, isn't that what you want from your brand?
Use the link on the right to view a selection of the identities we have designed, developed and delivered.

Why is brand identity so critical?
A strong brand identity can position a company above its competition all by itself. But having a brand that's strong takes time, money and effort to develop. It's not as simple as just redesigning a logo or rewriting a tagline. Brand identity is the reason you offer for your customer to choose you instead of your competition.

How to rework your brand identity

Successful re-branding involves "evolution," not "revolution." You must impress upon your existing customers that your new brand is just a new and improved version of the same you. It's important to not get too crazy with a re-branding effort because you could end up destroying fragile emotional ties and customer loyalty.

Brand identity is much more than marketingHaving a brand identity that resonates with your market is important, but not at the expense of the people within your company. They need to not only get it, but also be your brand's most fervent ambassadors. Do your employees believe in your company? Do they feel like they have a vested stake in its success? Companies with solid brand identities can say yes to these questions. Can yours? If not, here's some things you can do:

1.Get every aspect of your company on the same page: Easier said than done, right? Well, that doesn't mean it's not necessary. Get all your departments talking to each other and understanding each other.
2.Promote everyone to the position of brand ambassador: Give everyone a common understanding of the company, its mission and their part in it. They should feel like they have ownership-even if they don't.
3.Reinforce brand values and behaviors: To do this, use the tools you have, such as internal communications...and like a good basketball coach, consistently promote these fundamentals until they're second nature.

Your employees will ultimately determine your success or failure. That's why it's so important to have them buy into your company's brand identity. However, that's not something that can be forced. You, as leadership, must earn it. But once you do, you'll have a company that is full of happy, motivated successful brand ambassadors.

The visible elements of a brand (such as colors, design, logotype, name, symbol) that together identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers' mind.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Presentation plans

We mapped out the presentation and what was to go on each slide and who needs to say what from the research etc and how things link together and link into each other

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


I was getting a bit dissapointed because I hadn't heard anything from Founded and it's probably one of my favourites but thankfully on friday night I got a reply from the Creative Director himself asking how he could help, which was great.

So I eventually built up the courage to reply to him wih my PDF asking for some feedback and a look round maybe, will have to see what he says.

I got this reply the next day
I am a bit concerned that he said this because he just thinks my work is really bad, he was helpfulthough and willing, unfortuantely I'm not at home though but let him knew that I would get in touch. So hopefully when I'm next back he'll be able to meet and hopefully I'll have more work to show by then. I think it's important that I keep a connection with them and keep in contact now and again so that it isn't forgotten about. 

Monday, 4 April 2011


I keep changing my PDF, after my talk with John he liked my initials and my surname, he thought I had a good visual to work with, with Herring.

I started to think I'd like to brand myself more, make it more unique so I've started to play with the initials, SH. Looking at shhhh as in whisper or be quiet, I don't want this to have negative connotations however.

I keep changing the layout and the colours though, I just want to include one colour as John suggested I used some as with black and white I don't want it to represent me as so serious and corporate. I've used this minty green so it looks quite fresh hopefully. 

I think I want to change the bit about me as well, I don't want to bore anyone and would rather just get to the point but put some personality into it.

Changed it again...


InDesign won't let me export right now so I can't put my PDF up yet 


Got a reply from Effektive!
I emailed asking for contact details of the Creative Director and he himself has replied asking how he can help, which is very nice of him if not a little scary. I need to finalise my PDF and sent it to him asap!

Just got a reply from Analogue too!  Seems like these addresses are going directly to the Creative Director, at least now I can be reassured that I am talking to them. 

First emails

I've sent out emails today enquiring about the Creative Director's contact details, I kept it pretty basic and didn't go on too much about why or anything, hopefully they'll be co-operative and get back to me. I contacted:

Friday, 1 April 2011


Mock email for enquiring about the Creative Director

I've done it on hotmail but I'm going to use the college email as I'm aware that a lot of hotmail emails go straight to junk and so probably won't even get read.

I think it'll be best to send individual emails to each company so it's more personal about their company and I can possibly comment on their work or website or something.