Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hazel and I spent a week at Boxhead. They said the were very busy and got us to work on some signage they were producing for the Bivouac. It was a small, friendly studio and although I felt nervous about not being able to do what they wanted we got straight into the briefs.

 We worked on signage which was to be lasered into wood so took a trip down to Duke Studios to test out the laser cutter. It was good to go out and work on different things and see briefs take shape to be used in real world rather than just college work which sometimes has no purpose.

 I liked how David sent us out to gather some first hand research for a taxi brief. It was refreshing to see that they actually carry out the design process rather than just going straight to a mac. So Hazel and I took the camera and visited some taxi waiting rooms.
 We created some intentionally bad designs for the taxi brief, it was fun to work on but actually proved to be difficult creating bad designs on purpose going against what you know.
 At the end of the week the team kindly gave us each some posters and we returned the favour with a polaroid camera they had their eye on.
It was interesting to see how such a small studio works and the roles they play and they really created a team. It made me aware of how I would like to be part of a small team like this and have a role.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Just found a tweet of Boxhead on twitter saying they are looking for an intern next week!

I thought I might as well give it a shot even if I'm scared!!!

I started re-doing my portfolio sampler again the other day anyway so it was a perfect time to get it done. I haven't inlcuded all of my work but tried to show what I'm about.

I sent them an email with just a small message on saying what I think I could bring to them but didn't want to be too cheesy.