Monday, 28 February 2011

Lecture 7- Don't get ripped off


Found a few agencies I like the look of and the work they do the thing is they are located overseas and seem too out of reach and out of price range etc. I don't if it's worth attempting to contact them

Atelier 1A
Atelier 1A is an independent design studio based in the lovely little village of Uetze in Northern Germany. Together with specialists around the world we work in various fields such as print, packaging & corporate design, web design, as well as cultural & social communication. 

Effekctive Studio

I love this company they have some really nice work, I'm especially looking at their print and publication work.

Non-Format. Norway

They work on a range of
projects including art direction,
design, illustration and custom
typography for arts & culture,
music industry, fashion and
advertising clients. 


Brown design have a section on their website within contacts especially for students to apply for work placements by sending their work

Raw Design Studio opportunity

We've been sent this opportunity to enter a live competition in order to gain a months placement with Manchester studio, Raw. Entries are to create a typeface based on the themes, light, time, sound photography and to be submitted to by 15th April best get to work.




I find this kind of work really interesting and inspiring, as I'm always changing my mind on what I want to do and focus on this kind of things always reels me back into editorial work, I just need to gain more experience and more practise. I love the combination of type with photography I'd really like to work within this area of design.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

OUGD202 Evaluation

This module has been one of the most interesting and enjoyable ones throughout the whole of the course, I loved the fact that we could choose our own subject matter and therefore work with something we were passionate or had some interest in. I think I made the right decision with my choice, Shane Meadows films because it has a lot of depth and themes and the whole British thing is something I take great interest in. I also liked the fact that the outcome was to produce idents as well as a title sequence because although they were similar and had to relate there were a lot of different things you had to consider for each in order to keep the attention of the audience whilst sticking to your subject matter and getting this across.

Looking at the module aims i believe that my ability to plan has improved with this module with constant lists and design sheets I've helped myself to create ideas and move forward. I also found that primary research played a large part in my project, going out and getting relevant photos that relate with locations and themes from the films and creating drawings from these which ended up being the focus of my videos. My videos are quite simplistic but aim to reflect the subject matter, they are quite interactive and constantly moving so I hope they are able to keep the audience engaged.

I have attempted to be more critical with this brief, not only with my own work but within crits and feedback and I think this has helped me a lot and enabled me to know where I need to go with my work instead of being 'afraid' of criticism. I think I have explored media to an extend with photographs and drawings, drawings being something I wouldn't normally consider including in my work but they seemed to be appropriate and fitting to the subject matter. 

I do think that I could have explored and looked at different resolutions and outcomes but I did get carried away and focused on using my drawings idea. I do like the work I have done but know that with regards to animation they are not the smoothest or most impressive animation skills but I have enjoyed learning this new software, design for screen and how it is a whole new process. Looking at existing work and others videos has been.

I've learnt the importance of planning i.e. storyboarding, drawing down quick plans etc and this was key really to helping me see what I was going to do when it came to working on screen. I have found that I've enjoyed this aspect a lot more within this module than before and I think this is because it has helped me a lot more and it's allowed me to have a clear view of what I was going to produce. I have definitely developed my management and planning skills. 

Next time I would possibly experiment more with a range of outcomes, explore software skills more with more tutorials etc and maybe introduce different media into the animations.