Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Business cards

My business cards came!

I'm quite happy with them and glad I went for the spot uv rather than the cheap option of just CMYK colour. Also a lot of people seem to be getting foil business cards which look so good but I'm happy with the spot uv. I stuck to the grey and white because I tend to use these shades a lot within my work and I think it looks smart.

End Of Year Show Proposal Boards

For the Ska banner I wasn't sure whether to include photographs as well to show more of the story of the brief or whether to just have the banner as a promotional piece as this would hang outside of an exhibition space. 

For the fashion branding I wanted to include photographs of the range I have produced but am aware that I most likely going to need to photograph things again. Also Anna's look books have arrived now and I'd like to include them because they are quitea big part of this brief.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Thursday, 3 May 2012


My website is now live, not all briefs are on yet but I wanted to get it up and running.

Visit here:

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Business card design ideas

I have been changing the colours I want on my business card for a while but know that I want to use grey. I have been looking at using this green spot colour to contrast with it and have this on the opposite side to the grey.

I don't know whether to go with the spot colour or to keep costs down use CMYK and use a finish, I have been thinking of foiling but don't know if this represents me. I've also been looking at Spot UV as a finish.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Job sites

With the help of twitter I've found a few good job sites which seem to advertise and list a number of good jobs all in the creative sectors. I am checking these sights regularly to see if theres anything suitable to apply for. Mainly I'm looking at internships and Junior Designer roles but don't know if I have enough experience to carry out that role.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Studio Spaces

I've been looking at studio spaces in Leeds becuase I'm definitely staying in Leeds for now at least.

I've been looking at Duke Studios, I visited here on my placement and its really taking off, it's got facilities like laaser cutting and photography studios and is very central.

 I was also looking at Umbrella Creative Spaces,they are a bit further out but the rent price for a small
space seems reasonable. The only thing which could be a negative with this is additional costs for trravel etc.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Hazel and I spent a week at Boxhead. They said the were very busy and got us to work on some signage they were producing for the Bivouac. It was a small, friendly studio and although I felt nervous about not being able to do what they wanted we got straight into the briefs.

 We worked on signage which was to be lasered into wood so took a trip down to Duke Studios to test out the laser cutter. It was good to go out and work on different things and see briefs take shape to be used in real world rather than just college work which sometimes has no purpose.

 I liked how David sent us out to gather some first hand research for a taxi brief. It was refreshing to see that they actually carry out the design process rather than just going straight to a mac. So Hazel and I took the camera and visited some taxi waiting rooms.
 We created some intentionally bad designs for the taxi brief, it was fun to work on but actually proved to be difficult creating bad designs on purpose going against what you know.
 At the end of the week the team kindly gave us each some posters and we returned the favour with a polaroid camera they had their eye on.
It was interesting to see how such a small studio works and the roles they play and they really created a team. It made me aware of how I would like to be part of a small team like this and have a role.

Thursday, 16 February 2012


Just found a tweet of Boxhead on twitter saying they are looking for an intern next week!

I thought I might as well give it a shot even if I'm scared!!!

I started re-doing my portfolio sampler again the other day anyway so it was a perfect time to get it done. I haven't inlcuded all of my work but tried to show what I'm about.

I sent them an email with just a small message on saying what I think I could bring to them but didn't want to be too cheesy.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Netherlands

I've  been looking at a few design studios in the Netherlands and found a couple that I really like. One is even looking for an intern which I really want to apply for which is Silo. They have a lot of identites, print and publication work that really intersts me and also a lot of work for the arts and culture sector with work for exhibitions etc.

I attempted to translate the advert for an intern and what I got from it was:

Aware of adobe programmes
Heated with creative vision (this may not be correct)
Good work, functional and comprehend (again, something not right)
And then something like show your motivation and cv to...

So I'm thinking of re-doing my sampler of work and possibly attahcing a CV to the back of that as soon as possible and maybe sending some kind of physical sample through the post. I want to create a newspaper style publication like I was talking about before just because I think it would be an interesting way of sending a portfolio.


I was searching for design internships and came across YCN one, I didn't even know there was this section on their page! I was looking through the list and really like the sound of this one actually for YCN. It is for a minimum of a month and based in London and I hopefully fit the requirement list, I need to sort out my CV and sampler as soon as possible and get applying.

Monday, 23 January 2012


Building my website slowly but surely. I'm taking what we did last year with Simon and using the basics to  create a template and pages from this.

I've got a home, about, work and contact page. I'm using my branding from my business card etc to carry through onto my website but have the option of more colours so I've used the web turquoise I used in my PDF because I want it to be an inviting site with colour.