Monday, 28 March 2011

PDF to send

name, branding, quick design

I want to come up with some visual, everyone seems to like my surname, I hate it and don't really want the associations of visual of a fish, I'm thinking I could try and make it stylish like something to do with a fish, an eye or texture?

Initial PDF idea, I haven't much work I want to send out as I feel like I've just started to produce work that I want to produce and know the kind of things I want to work towards, print, type and layout. I've tried to focus on this in the PDF to try and get this across, I don't want it to look corporate but more  quality and professional rather than student like.


This is my list of studios I want to contact, a lot of them produce the kind of work that really interests me and excites me and I'd love to go and see how they operate it's just scary.


Reluctant Hero:


Public UK:

muro buro:



Effektive studio:

Quite a lot are indirect email addresses so I need to mock up an email to ask for the details of the creative director.

Saturday, 26 March 2011




Happy because I had found some really nice work by a company called Blue River but their website was under construction so couldn't really find out anything, fortunately I found yesterday that they must have changed names or something but they have a new website under the name, Founded. They have some really nice print and type work that they've done for the Baltic oh yeah and they are in Newcastle which I have been looking more at.

They give an email address which is just hello@ so I'm assuming this is just an info@ kind of address so will probably have to ask about the creative director on this. But I know exactly where about it is and the work that they have done for the Baltic is something I always keep my eye on. Definitely want to get in contact with these.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Teacake- Manchester

Teacake is something quintessentially British, inventive and conscientious. We love visual organisation, people, places and the idea of creating a tangible interaction with those who see our work. This has subsequently led to us having a strong affiliation with design for print and a passion for typography inspired by time spent working in the design capital of the world, Amsterdam. Our partnership is based on a mutual love for all things creative and an ambition to be able to whistle while we work every day of the week!

I love that Teacake have a great focus on typography, a lot of companies I've come across are print based but non really specifically typography, this is really exciting and somewhere I'd love to visit. They welcome work and portfolios on their website and have specific email addresses rather than just info@ so hopefully it will be easier to talk to the actually designers or directors of the company.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Reluctant Hero

I've being looking at studios and agencies closer to home in Newcastle, Kim showed me this one she had found, I really like their print based work they also have a lot of type stuff which I havn't found in many other agencies but is a great area of interest to me. I know the location of it and so would be easy to go in and try and arrange a visit or ring up when I'm back home.

I love this work they did for Gap + Keds