Monday, 6 June 2011

New colour PDF

A lot of my work is monotone colours, I don't want creative directors to think my work is boring and that I have no personality in my work, I've always liked this green and since its just a email pdf for screen I can use this kind of colour. 

I'm not sure if it totally contrasts with the work but we'll see.

Getting in touch with Founded

I've contacted Anthony again, now that I'm heading home soon, as he suggested to contact him when i'm in the region again. I've re-worked my PDF too so hopefully it's an improvement on the last with some new work.

I hope he replies positively it's pretty scary putting yourself out there. I need to contact some more studios also but I haven't got many replies so far.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Re-doing my PDF

I think that I should take one of the H's out of shh since it's not even my initials I just added an extra to emphasise the shh but if were to explain it to anyone it doesn't make any sense. So I'm leaving it as sh.. and I think it makes more sense and still reads sh...

I'm considering making the sh.. 500pt as when it's small it doesn't make much impact and for a front page being sent to a company it needs impact, although the small 100pt one has the personality of the word sh.. I think the large one works against this though, I think I prefer the larger one now I've done it. I might play around with it and see what works